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unpredictable negros occidental roadtrip

>to carbin reef (june 7, 2008)

sunny 34 °C

there's this sugarland i went to last weekend, it was negros occidental, philippines. sweet as it sound, well, it is!.when we arrived people were just as beautiful as they are,very accomodating!. it was a long travel starting from the shorelines of cebu to san carlos city to sagay city negros. i bet u'll crash and burn with the bumpy-dusty road for 2 hrs. to total it all, we had like a 6 hour drive to reach our destination.we arrived before sunset. but you know, all's paid off because of the beautiful people who greeted us. we drop off to a videoke bar during our 1st night. i had 6 bottles of beer and it felt good. ok, enough of that. anyway, the next day was to carbin reef, believe me, i wasn't very excited at first because i had a bad headache early that morning. but well we had got to a pump boat, so with just that, i started screaming inside, because i got to breath the sea air better this time. it's a 30 min. drive. there were other islands around but we choose the most deserted one (carbin reef), i hope not only that day. when we were nearing the beach, i got totally smashed up connecting to the sea, and all i want to do is indulge myself into the sea. there's a cool thing about this beach, it's 0 trees, not that though, it is formed like an S letter w/ almost 500 m length, when it's low tide, there's an obvious drop of water from the sand, you can see from the sea cottage built just 4 meters aways from the beach. there's plenty of oysters that we devour during lunch, there's also other grilled fish and pork, there's the ube cake roll. i just love food, so don't mind me mentioning it ok?hmmm. so we swim, hop and run all day at the beach. we bid carbin reef goodbye later that afternoon.

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